“Na te whakarongo me te titiro ka puta mai te korero”
“Through looking and listening we gain wisdom”

Our creative and passionate preschool teachers offer a stimulating and fun environment for children aged 2 – 5 years. The use of natural and creative resources such as play dough, painting, water fun, carpentry, messy play, and exploration of the outdoor area provides opportunities for the children to facilitate their own learning.

More organised learning activities are offered as part of the daily programme and include art, baking, memory games, science, music and drama, group games, puzzles, patterns, and activities such as our perceptual motor programme to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Positive social interactions are encouraged and fostered in each child. Our core values include kindness, perseverance, being positive, and respecting ourselves, each other and the environment. We want to know your child, to understand who they are and be guided in our planning and teaching by their developing interests and the choices they make. This enables us to help them along their journey to becoming independent thinkers and learners.


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